Sakiori Denim Kimono

Naked & Famous Denim

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The Sakiori Denim is a 16oz Japanese rag cloth made from recycled denim scraps. Sakiori weaving replaces warp yarns with fabric scraps. Each scrap of denim comes in its own shade of indigo and each one has edges that turn and fray. Over 250 years ago, Japanese peasants used Sakiori weaving to create whole rugs, garments from assorted scraps of fabric. With time and appreciation of the labor involved with making such irregular but invariably richly textured and colored cloth, such fabric became very expensive. 85% cotton, 15% acrylic. Bonded for durability. Cut and sewn in Canada with tonal stitching. The Kimono Shirt is a shirt cut in the fashion of the Japanese Noragi: open-front, straight silhouette, front-tie closure. The Noragi were symbols of poverty in Japan. Farmers would wear and repair them to last decades. They have become symbols of Japan’s horticultural past striking a deep contrast with Japan’s present: a world leader in technology. Cut and sewn in Canada.

Japanese Fabric
85% Cotton / 15% Acrylic
Made in Canada